Some grapes are not really grapes according to the law. The wine made from them is uncertifiable. That’s fine with me. It means I can say whatever I want on the back label. One such scoundrel is False Pedro. It was brought to RSA a long time ago as Perdo Ximinez. Once we worked out it wasn’t PX, we imaginatively changed the name to False Pedro, then later to Pedro Luis. It turns out that this mystery grape is in fact the very rare Galego Dourado (Golden Galician) of Portugal. It grows near Lisbon where it’s been part of an Agricultural rescue program since 2004. Apparently, there are only about 6Ha left over there.

In the bottom corner of the La Colline Vineyard, a few of these False Pedro vines grow in total ignorance of their rarity. I’m not sure how many there are - maybe 150 or so, planted in the 1950s.

Vote for Pedro 2017:

In 2017 we managed to make 240 bottles. We bottled it straight from barrel, so some of the bottles are a bit hazy. The wine quite floral and smoky with nice texture.

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