Helderberg and Simonsberg can have their fancy wineries and caviar. The Bottelary has its epic terroir. That sort of rhymes…

We love the Bottelary hills of Stellenbosch. Since the outset, we’ve always had something going on here. These hills are home to Radio Lazarus, plus two other parcels that contribute to Cartology. We can confirm whole heartedly that this is a great area for growing Chenin blanc.

All four of our current Bottelary parcels are grown on shale soil. The common thread in these wines seems to be a type of juxtaposition of severity and generosity. We often find dusty/gravel road minerality, good concentration, sappy fruit and almost always some kind of fynbos, soft green herbal note.

The Bottelary is not fancy. The Bottelary is not millionaire’s mile. The Bottelary has great soil – granite and shale. The Bottelary has many dry farmed bushvines. The Bottelary will ambush you. You will not see it coming.

We make the following wines from the Bottelary hills:

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